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Falck’s mission, vision and values


Our mission is firefighting. For over 100 years our only mission is to make people worldwide trust in a safer world. We provide complex fire prevention services and assistance in situations of emergency, accidents and whenever people need us, in a fast and competent way.


Based on its mission, Falck’s vision is to develop a strong international organization and to provide safety services worldwide in order to make people feel safe in any environment worldwide.


Falck’s values are the backbone of our organization. Our entire activity is based upon these values we share no matter the culture or the geographical area in which we operate. We manage any emergency situation worldwide and our six values are our guide.

  • Accessible
  •       We are always available and ready to help.

  • Competent
  •       We constantly make an effort to retain and improve our skills.

  • Efficient
  •       We look for solutions rather than problems.

  • Fast
  •       We respond quickly and with dedication whenever people need our help.

  • Helpful
  •       We want to make people feel safer in their everyday lives.

  • Reliable
  •       Our mission is to offer you trust in a safer world. We are people you can trust.