Fire Brigade Management

When it comes to fire services, your company requires three things:

  • To meet regulatory requirements
  • To minimise the risk of business interruption in case of an emergency
  • A strong and effective fire emergency response system

But every company differs in how outsourcing to a private provider can optimise their industry-specific fire service needs.

What does it mean to outsource your fire services to Falck?

  • One point of contact

By outsourcing your fire services to Falck Fire Services Romania, your needs become consolidated under one single point of contact. For you, that means limiting the number of service suppliers currently working on site, increasing safety, and creating long-term efficiency gains. It means working with one trusted provider. When it comes to your emergency response system, we handle everything.

  • Assessment

In order to find the best solution for your business, we conduct a thorough scenario-based assessment of the specific needs of your facility. Required by many regulators worldwide, our assessment conforms to the best in industry practices and includes:

  • Current safety process
  • Emergency planning and procedures
  • Fire detection and protection systems
  • Vehicles and mobile equipment
  • Dimensioning
  • The technical skill of your current firefighters

Based on this assessment, Falck Fire Services Romania can offer a wide range of solutions for your fire fighting needs including.

  • Fire brigade management and operational control of fire and rescue intervention

Falck Fire Services Romania’s core service is management of fire brigades and operational control of fire and rescue intervention. We can provide a high quality fire services solutions where we take responsibility for the management of the fire brigade including people, vehicles, equipment, facilities, systems and operational procedures. Our intervention capabilities also comprise hazmat, and all rescue related activities such as confined space, rescue at heights and extrication. There are two options when it comes to staffing your fire services department: existing staff can be transferred to us, or we can deliver a completely new brigade. Falck Fire Services Romania can also help you to define your fire service needs and procure the right equipment for your fire brigade.