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Falck Group

Falck has a long and proud history within emergency rescue services. Since the company was founded in 1906, our business has been fire fighting for public authorities and industrial clients. All of our activities link to our core mission to always be where you need us in order to:

  • Prevent accidents, diseases and emergency situations.
  • Rescue and assist people in emergencies, quickly and competently.
  • Alleviate the after effects of emergencies.
  • Rehabilitate people after illness and injury.
  • Always be there so that people can live their lives safely.

Falck has now more than 100 years of experience as a fire service provider and today operates the world’s largest private fire fighting company. As part of our ongoing commitment to leadership, we continuously strive to develop our technology, our operating procedures and our fire brigade management system. This ensures that we are constantly improving fire safety and driving operational excellence in collaboration with our clients. We are your trusted partner in fire services and you can rest assured that we will take care of your fire brigade in a responsible and progressive way.

Key facts about Falck Fire Services:

  • We operate 37 industrial and 148 public fire brigades.
  • We operate more than 600 fire fighting vehicles.
  • We have almost 4,000 employees working in Falck’s fire and safety services, with nearly 1,000 of them working in brigades outsourced to industrial companies.
  • We are the leading global provider of industrial fire training and fire consulting.



Global operational excellence: our local service delivery.

At Falck, we operate fire brigades and deliver services to many different industries around the world. We work together with many of the world’s leading fire equipment and system providers, giving us access to the latest technology and knowledge to apply in real emergency situations. The experience we gain from this global presence enables us to continuously develop our services. It means our best operating practices can be shared across industries and brigades. By holding ourselves to a global fire brigade standard, we do more than just reinforce our operational excellence: we continuously benchmark our brigades to identify and transfer knowledge and experiences across the world. Global operational excellence is our local service delivery.

How do we do it?

At our Global Fire Services Knowledge Centre in Copenhagen, specialists with extensive operational knowledge from high-risk industries and airports gather and synthesize data in one global management and IT system. This system supports our operations and management teams throughout the world to develop their business and implement our standards. Falck Fire Services retains membership and support to leading fire institutions such as NFPA, JOIFF, LASTFIRE and CTIF.